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Be who God's
called you to be
and take hold of
your destiny.


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Holistic Life

You know who you are, but your list of
talents are so diverse you are not sure
where to put them. Rev Holmes can
help you get clarity & understanding on what your next steps should be.

Business & Life Motivation
The Word is a powerful conduit for keeping ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally motivated. Rev Holmes can teach you how to motivate yourself for business and life with the power of the Word.

Classes & Digital Products
Enrollment is currently open for select
courses that can help you to understand
the Word of God and how it applies
to each aspect of your life and business. View the course list & enroll now!

Inspiration for success. Inspiration for life.
Join Rev. Holmes on a journey to help you more fully understand your purpose, how to attain it, and how to walk and live in your purpose so that it is as easy as breathing.