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Positive affirmations can help a person to focus on the present, to visualize future goals, or to reframe a challenge into a positive. These simple, short phrases can become empowering mantras that are especially useful when connected with movement such as yoga, which is why you so often find them in use in most yoga studios. If the affirmations are taken from the scriptures, you can help bring the light of Christ into your studio and your students. Bridging the body, mind, and spirit can be the key to getting the real and positive changes that you are seeking, no matter what they might be.

Bringing Positive Affirmations to Your New Yoga Studio

Your love for yoga has motivated you to learn and to grow and to finally become a certified teacher. Now you are ready to open your own studio, and you want to give it the warm, welcoming atmosphere that led you to your own practice. Using various affirmations as part of the functional decor is key to opening the positive energy flow. You can find printable affirmations on a variety of sites, each with different messages, styles, and other touches. Some of these will be free to download or to print directly from the site while others are not. Some websites allow you to customize the designs so that you can change words or colors to make it more personalized and specific to your own studio. To help reduce the cost, you can purchase printer ink online, allowing you to supply your students with the affirmation that you want them to focus on that day.

Deciding on the Type of Affirmations

Knowing what your personal messaging is going to be is vital to choosing the right affirmations. There is nothing more jarring than a practice that is inconsistent with tone and messaging. If you want to be inclusive and welcoming to everyone, you will want affirmations that reflect that. A practice that welcomes and invites playfulness and laughter while surrounded by heavy affirmations and deep, serious ponderings may confuse rather than give peace and tranquility.

To Frame or Not to Frame

Depending on your studio’s budget and personal tastes, you might want to frame your printed affirmations. A customized frame can be very expensive and may keep you from easily changing affirmations on a frequent basis. Printing on heavier paper allows you to display the message without committing to it forever.

Once you find a useful resource for your affirmations, make a note of it, or simply bookmark the website and come back to it frequently so that you are always bringing new messaging to your yoga students and to yourself, because even the teacher will need to be inspired from time to time.