Finally, a roadmap to help you more fully understand your purpose, how to attain it, and how to walk and live it through the Word!

You Are declarations: learn the deep meanings revealed in Scripture and how to shift your thinking through Biblically-based declarations in one week, without getting lost in the hermeneutics or exegesis of the text.

God has spoken and His Word is true, every single thing He said about you.

Being made in the image of God, you (we) have responsibility. With His image came the all of the authority and equipment and provision to fulfill that responsibility [and a love/joy/peace benefits package was attached].

I’m Rev. Holmes and I help passionate Christians just like you learn the Word of God so that they can walk in their divine Kingdom purpose.

I came to know Christ in 1968, after a whirlwind experience where I wasn’t even looking for Him (learn more about that here). After coming to know the Lord, He began to show me who I was in Him. 

Fast forward to now. After being equipped with how to properly study the Word and understand the text, I equip others to know their God-ordained destiny in this earth and who they are in Christ.

Why These You Are Declarations?

Why these declarations?

Understand your personhood, so that as you accomplish your goals, check off your “to do’s” and move in your implementation, timeliness, organization and structure.

Get a practical guide to have the ability to respond to life’s situations as you are being conformed to the image of Christ Jesus, God’s Son.

Know who God has made you to be–according to the Word–and how to operate in that calling in the earth.

These declarations could be used as a book of affirmations. It would be effective—very effective; however, don’t loose sight–these are so much more.