Finally, a clear way to understand the Bible and present what you learn … without haggling over Scripture
or becoming the next exegetical I don’t know-it-all.

You want to understand God’s Word. You want to know it for yourself. Not just because you want another feather in your cap of knowledge, but because you want to know the person of God–His characteristics–and the characteristics of the Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

God wants that for you, too! But you can’t get there without some direction and that’s exactly how you landed here.


Imagine …


  • Finally being able to understand the meaning behind a Scripture in your own personal study time.

  • Being able to share the foundations of your faith in a way that is bold and strong, without being spiteful and prideful.

  • Knowing how to recognize where Scripture connects to itself. After all, God is His own best interpreter.

I want to let you in on a secret: understanding God’s Word isn’t hard.

I’m Rev. Holmes and I help passionate Christians just like you learn the Word of God so that they can walk in their divine Kingdom purpose.

Now, I know you may have been told or heard somewhere along your walk with the Lord that learning the Word is hard. It takes years of focused dedication and monk-like solitude.

Maybe you’ve even felt overwhelmed by Scripture itself! You’ve told yourself you’re just not smart enough to learn Scripture. That you need, “the easy version.”

None of that is true! What is true is that God reveals Himself in His Word.

God doesn’t hide Himself from us in the Word, He shows us even more perfectly who He is. He does this by opening the eyes of our understanding the more we read the Word verse by verse, book by book.

He wants us to know Him without question so we can talk about Him to others without hesitation.

His Word is where we find out everything about who He is in us, through us, and for us.

His Word is where we find out His identity.
His Word is where we find our purpose.

How do I know this? Because I prayed, studied, sat under, and learned.


I came to know Christ in 1968 after a whirlwind of events lead me to the One True and Living God. Growing up with a point of reference for God but no real understanding of Him, I came to believe He didn’t exist any longer because of the suffering I saw in the world. 

God always has a way of showing Himself to us, even when it seems like we’re not looking for Him.

Flashback to 1967. I began to study ancient manuscripts attributed to ethnic groups from Africa to prove the historical facts of Black intelligence and personhood. Little did I know, this was the start on a journey of how God would show me who He was and how much He loved me.

“If there was a God like this, He deserved to be served.”

As I began my research, I came cross one book that talked about this majestic, powerful, loving God who kept saving His chosen people from bondage. More times than I could count, they’d turn away from Him, refusing to believe in Him or follow His prophets; but He always made a way for them to come back. He always reached out to them. I was shocked, saddened, and completely in awe. I though, “If there is a God like that, he deserves to be served!”

Ask, Seek, Knock

Not long after this experience, I came to know the Lord. The night I got saved, I hand a transformative encounter with God. He sat with me and taught me about Himself. I wanted to know more. I finally found out who this God was and I wanted to know everything i could about Him. I began to understand that the more I studied, the more He would reveal.

As I grew in the Lord, I was able to learn from a number of the generals of the Christian faith. Evangelism came naturally to me and I soon found that it was the marrow to my desire to know God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit more. There was no separating the author of the Word from His stated desire that all should be saved!

Helping You On Your Journey

God’s desire is for His children to know Him and make Him known. I’ve taken the knowledge I’ve gained from my 50 years in ministry and teach and share the wonderful mysteries of the Word with all who are willing to learn.

If you’ve been asking God to help you grow in your faith, you’ve landed in the right place. Welcome!

Formal Bio

About Rev. Holmes – Formal Bio

Respected theologian & author, Rev. Holmes nurtures and mentors with a ministry leadership module that is unparalleled worldwide, as she provides support, freedom and direction coupled with encouragement. Some of her top requested materials & courses are:

  • The Bible Names of God

  • Rightly Dividing the Word

  • S. O. S. (Song of Solomon): Help!

A prolific minister of the Gospel, with an international scope and reach in ministry, the Lord has utilized Rev. Holmes to establish powerful churches and dynamic ministries in Jerusalem, Kenya, Somalia, Zimbabwe and throughout the United States.

Rev. Holmes is an experienced publisher and producer, a successful designer, a multi-award-winning poet, a powerful singer and distinguished songwriter with a dynamic and contagious Kingdom mindset who has served as a spiritual covering, confidant and voice to leaders of leaders in the entertainment, political, corporate, academic and church arena.

Learn the deep meanings revealed in Scripture and how to shift you thinking through Biblically-based declarations in one week, without getting lost in the hermeneutics or exegesis of the text.