About Rev. Holmes
Respected theologian & author, Rev. Holmes nurtures and mentors with a ministry leadership module that is unparalleled worldwide, as she provides support, freedom and direction coupled with encouragement. Some of her top requested materials & courses are:

  • The Bible Names of God
  • Rightly Dividing the Word
  • S. O. S. (Song of Solomon): Help!

A prolific minister of the Gospel, with an international scope and reach in ministry, the Lord has utilized Rev. Holmes to establish powerful churches and dynamic ministries in Jerusalem, Kenya, Somalia, Zimbabwe and throughout the United States.

Rev. Holmes is an experienced publisher and producer, a successful designer, a multi-award-winning poet, a powerful singer and distinguished songwriter with a dynamic and contagious Kingdom mindset who has served as a spiritual covering, confidant and voice to leaders of leaders in the entertainment, political, corporate, academic and church arena.